The ILN Gemjin Code of Practices has been adapted from the now defunct National Association of Broadcasters US Code of Good Practice. It was abandond in 1983. This is our code:

Code of practices All ILN Gemjin related products and productions will be contusive to the advancement of education and culture. Acceptable program material will uphold responsibility toward children, the elders, the feeble and unfortunate in upholding decency, decorum, community, and responsibility. Open discussion of controversial, public, political, and religious presentations will reflect positive portrayal of family, life, and reverence. It will be cruelty free, reflecting mutual respect across all walks of life. We believe what you focus on will grow.©2016 CT

Grow good stuff! Thinking good things at you, Lucy D

Overview Our Mantra is "Together we can do anything" Gemjin: ILN's Radio network is an off-shoot of ILNRadio, which empowers writers, speakers and experts with a global opportunity to learn from one another. Learn to detoxify your life and fill it with living. Helping friends, family and associates is the natural order of life. To trust those closest to you to make the most of whatever opportunities that become available for success is what strengthens families and communities from within. To invest the community in enabling an individual to better the position of one unit or family benefits the community at large. Committed to the peace process, we reach out to individuals of the world one at a time teaching techniques for the attainment of peace, manifestation of dreams, and to engage in the happiness dialogue and exhilaration of human potential. Ma'harishi Mahesh Yogi said in a BBC broadcast back in 1955, that if we had 2500 people living a life of Meditation and connectedness to the universe, those few could change the course of our country's future. A life of Intuition brings with it all the power, success and influence it takes to make changes beyond our own life and household. ILN Members and hosts are gathered to form a collaborative cooperation in transformation. The new England SEERs, Gemjin, New England Metaphysical Faire, and many other projects have propelled our members and their communities to personal success. One person at a time.



Our mission is to do our part in being a portion of the 2500 people Ma'harishi Mahesh Yogi predicted we could collectively establish to encourage world peace. 2014 rang in the times of change while our members, contributors and partners are committed to spread hope, charity, and awareness both individually and collectively, to embrace diversity. It is our intention to offer the community a safe reliable environment to explore their inner balance, learn modalities to de-stress, live well and explore self expression. Offering workshops in several subjects on differing modalities we broaden the horizons of awareness of alternative perspective thoughts in the mind- body- spirit wellness correlation. Leadership Charter Members work individually and collectively with new members and the interacting public. The doors of communication are open at times via telephone (Skype) the internal chat on the Gemjin platform, and via various social media groups and pages. Together the team has 70 Years of success in manifestation under their belts. We are an eclectic collaboration and an organized channel of change. Beyond the animalism of the collective under the 'survival of the fittest' mentality of the past. We charter the way for the next generations as they evolve. Born with more brain function and various skills of amazing proportions in intelligence. A higher level of brain function brings a collective success and acceptance of various brighter opportunities for mankind. We bring artists, vendors, metaphysical practitioners, civil servants, students, and community members who strive to promote unity among diversity in all we do collectively and individually. We respect and embrace the diversity of our global communities by creatively organizing opportunities for diverse community sectors to unite for a common goal, meet success, and have unity of joy together. We brought the Christian and Gothic communities together for AED devices, Civil servants and Metaphysical communities for the local food pantry through Fans with Cans, Fashion and Music Industries for a World Community Charitable cause. Our future is bright together. Respect and embrace the diversity of our global communities. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPORTUNITIES


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