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This is the private station of the Intuitive Life Network affliliates and contributors.

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show hosts, musicians, promotion, authors, comedians, philosophers, theologians, spiritualists, religious orders and secular groups. This open platform is established to create a level playing field for researchers to present honest answers for all citizens who are free to pose serious questions. Our production platforms maintain piggyback dialogue streams through public and private social media [Twitter, Face book, Linked In] as well as the audio streams. We foster freedom of self expression through music, poetry, and artistic expression on all of our media outlets. Whether you have questions, anders, or creations to share, this open community welcomes you.

All of our hosts are vocal about the many causes we support and educate on at Gemjin. Because we do not have a 501.c3 for the ILN we are free to work towards enacting legislation and persuading toward viable options for positive effects in various communities across the globe. Every project is a paired partnership with people taking responsibilities to enact reciprocity and synergy at the same time.



Skype Readings with Lucy

Save your drama for your Mamma and get your life under control. If you feel lost like a babe in the woods and dont know where to turn seek the cousel of the veil and have your energy aligned. The world looks like a better place when your spiritual eye's lenses are cleared.



Our 2017 Season will be filled with exciting ideas, and applicable information to help everyone in the world get along. ;ive longer, happier, healthier lives. ILNorg, Choicetreasures, MasterLucy, NewEnglandseers.


Our focus for the 2017 Summer sessions will be Rights. WHat are they, who has them, how do you claim them, exercise them, and make the most of life.

Audience participation, questions, and ideas or observations are welcome!