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2017 ALL NEW BUST A Lip Radio

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Going through a large collection of CD 's that have been given to or sent into Gemjin / ILN by Independent artists, musicians, and producers. We will be recording a lip busting full CD show for all of the shows that we can.


Drexel. B. Smith

South Cee

Cambridge Jenkins III

Distribution, Bookings, etc.
Independent music is played PAYOLA FREE in our Crazy Queue. Interview time for artists FREE.

Fully Produced professional audio commercials

drops, and psa creation. Concept to fulfillment.

Global Brand Recognition

1. Audio only per-recorded advertisements provided by the

2. Sponsor Audio-only “live reads” that co-hosts read during the 3. Radio show Banner ads on our web site or blog Ads

4. Product reviews of sponsor products Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser

5. "Segments" sponsors that are "brought to you by" an advertiser

There are 5 options for commercial advertisers to participate.