About Us

Dr Joseph E Donlan, host of ILN flagship program ORDAINING REALITY is also the author of several books. He is a University Professor, Physicist, Metaphyscian, Father, and Friend to everyone at the ILN Gemjin. Through his tireless efforts we have collectively been able to draw to the table world leaders in psychology, metaphysics, spiritual masters, pioneers and fore-runners in research as complex as hyperbolic oxygen research and world geological shifts. He has fertilized the ground for grass roots movements such as domestic violence awareness, drug rehabilitation legislation and equality for black and urban youth. His tireless efforts have been the catalyst for change in the lives of many individuals across the globe. Visit his website at www.OrdainingReality.com ORDAINING REALITY IS LIVE Every Tuesday Evening is cast to our audience from East Coast USA from 7 to 830 pm and rebroadcast on the station through out the month. All questions and comments are welcome.  

Special Gratitude to Charlie, and SOUTHCEE for working at Gengstatainment to combine contributions from our African participants such as KePtOOzIn and others in cross continent collaborations that have opened doors for many independent artists both young and old. This winter we are featuring music from Germany with the HAZI BROTHERS and from France with Chard-Ry and others. Some songs in both French and English. (Don't worry, Joe speaks French and he checked them out first! )

Occassional Spirituality  


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